Our Oceans

For all of existence people have considered them as an inexhaustible source of food, a means of connecting distant lands and a convenient dumping ground; too large to be affected by our activities.

However, time has finally caught up to us, we have now pushed our oceans to their limits. The largest living space on earth is now threatened by overfishing and pollution.

An environment that is much more fragile & complex than we ever understood it to be is now on the brink of collapse. This collapse doesn’t just threaten marine species, but our very own existence on this beautiful planet.

Pollution is perhaps the single largest & most immediate threat to our Oceans.

This is the great pacific garbage patch it is the worlds largest collection of floating trash and is almost half the size of India!


No one knows how much debris actually makes up the Great Pacific Garbage dump since it is simply too large for scientists to trawl. 

However, a majority of this debris, about 705,000 tons are “ghost nets”.

Ghost nets are commercial fishing nets that have been lost, abandoned, or discarded at sea. 

They are responsible for killing millions of marine animals every year. They cause further damage by entangling live coral, smothering reefs. 

Most modern nets are made of nylon or other plastic compounds which means they can drift around our oceans for centuries. 

At Kosha Yoga Co.

we recognize the responsibility we have as a business to better our planet, and the opportunity we have to make a tangible impact.

After months of development, we’re ready to launch a new range of products that provide un-matched performance while helping to clean up our Oceans. 

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