PUre Couture Yoga Mats

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Yoga Mats As Inspiring As Your Practice.

Made of PVC-free, eco-PU, and biodegradable natural rubber our PUre Couture yoga mats provide unparalleled grip.

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  • Eco-PU surface provides unparalleled grip, even through the sweatiest of practices.
  • 5.5mm Natural Rubber base offers the perfect balance of cushioning and traction.
  • Longer, wider design gives you more room to stretch.
  • Gorgeous prints make our Couture mats beautiful inside out.

Top: Ultra Grippy, Sweat-absorbent Eco-PU 

Bottom: 100% Natural Tree Rubber

Dimensions: 73in x 27in | 5.5mm thick | 3.2kgs

All our mats come with a carrying strap for convenient carrying.

After a sweaty practice allow your PUre Yoga mat to dry before you roll it up.

Never Crease Or Fold Your PUre Yoga Mat

Rushing home after class? No problem. Unroll your PUre Yoga mat and air-dry as soon as you get a chance.

Use a tiny drop of mild soap heavily diluted with water. Wipe the mat gently with a non-abrasive sponge.

After cleaning your PUre mat, leave it to dry. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. You could also dry it indoors under a fan.

We recommend cleaning the mat after every 8-10 uses. While our PUre mats are durable, over-cleaning and scrubbing them can wear them out faster. 

We do not recommend using any chemical cleaners, essential oils, or mat sprays. 

Caring for society

A part of your purchase goes towards empowering lives of our differently-abled friends at Maee Bal Bhuvan, a home for the blind.

Caring for the environment 

A part of your purchase goes towards helping our partners at Kalote Animal Trust

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Quite expensive but best in quality

This is my first yoga mat. I had done quite a research before buying it, quite expensive for student's but the quality it provides is marvelous.
It's heavier upto 4.2 kg and dimensions are decent. The best part is it's environment friendly.
I am practicing yoga on this mat for last 45 days.
The quality is unmatched.
One should go for it without thinking much.

Palak Trivedi
Didn’t receive it

Ordered my mat 17 days ago and haven’t received it

Tanvi Ranade

The best mat I've been on ! :)

Perfect mat for starters too

Sanctuary Yoga Mat is not just a pretty mat but ticks all the boxes in terms of durability and sturdiness. I used to feel nervous about my hands and feet losing balance/control while practicing yoga on my previous mat but all that is passé now. Thank you for creating such a beautiful, environment friendly mat.

Best till now

Its very impressive to see something like this is available in my home country why to see alo yoga when u have kosha yoga ✨

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