Shriram: Kalaripayattu & Hatha Yoga

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Meet Your Teacher: 

Shriram Vakade a.k.a Kalariyogi Shriram is a Kalaripayattu & Hatha Yoga teacher.

His expertise lie in using Kalaripayattu and yoga to help people improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being and establishing a deeper spiritual connection.

Shriram was encouraged by his guru to constantly seek knowledge and share his learnings, which is why he took to teaching, which he has been doing for the past 5years. 

About His Practice:

Shriram is a QCI level 1 certified yoga instructor and has completed his YIC from vyasa university.

He currently freelances teaching group and private classes around Bangalore. 

A host of his students have gone on to become Yoga teachers themselves, a true testament to his skills as a teacher.

About His Classes: 

Shriram’s classes work on combining Kalripayattu and yoga to activate and balance the body's energy, while building agility, traits essential to the inner warrior.

His Kalripayattu & Hatha Yoga Classes aim to help students build a connection with their inner selves.


Shriram's Kalaripayattu Classes are designed for all beginners & intermediate practitioners.

Hatha Yoga:

His Hatha Yoga Classes focus on arm balances and are designed for intermediate practitioners. 

Class Details:

Shriram Offers Both Group & Private Classes

Duration: 60 - 75 minutes per class


Hatha Yoga Group Class: Tue, Thu, Sat at 6.30am

Private classes are scheduled as per convenience & availability.

Platforms: Zoom/Skype

For schedules and more information reach out to us at or Whatsapp (+91 9324879162) 

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